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Private Voice Lessons by two of the top Voice Teachers in the area!

Tiffany Stewart - Vocal Coach

Hello, my name is Tiffany Stewart, known by my students as Teacher Tiffany.  I’m a graduate of Patten University with a B.A. in music with a minor in ministry and an overflowing drive to teach voice. Born Daughter of Willie G. a long time Bay Area blues singer who has given me a front row seat and an appreciation of all genres and musical styles. I have performed seasonally in many classical operettas and was also the lead singer of a jazz band for four years.

My goal is to make learning the fundamentals of music fun, while aiming to develop the student’s awareness of themselves as a real instrument. Lesson are spent learning to read sheet music and using proper vocal technique in order to produce a good quality sound for singing. I help each student troubleshoot musical weaknesses until it becomes their strengths. I believe that learning music fundamentals are the vehicle that can drive any vocalist from karaoke night with friends to headlining in a major performance on a big stage.  

I am very honored to have the opportunity to share these fundamentals with my students and give them the tools they need to be their own voice.

Jonathan Quezon - Voice Teacher

Hi, my name is Jon Quezon and I am a music major at Los Medanos College. I myself have privately studied contemporary vocal style for several years with Kyah Combs, lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and keyboardist for local band known as Nova. I have also privately studied classical piano with Monica McIntyre. Currently, I am the head of sound crew and operations at Access Church in Brentwood where you can find me every Sunday and Thursday leading worship while playing keys or rhythm guitar. I love to sing and play music! 

Lately, it’s become my passion to help teach children and younger students how to express themselves through music. To find their own unique sound while using proper vocal technique so that they won’t damage their voices. I also give all of my older students the opportunity to learn music theory so they can always be on the same page as their band-mates when talking about song structure or so they can sight sing with ease in choirs. 

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