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Private Violin Lessons by one of the best Violin Teachers anywhere!
Maria also teaches Viola, Cello, Mandolin, Banjo and Ukulele

Maria Murillo - Music Teacher

Maria is a wonderful violinist who is extremely well rounded and a great musical role model. In addition to the traditional classical style that most teachers offer, she also plays fiddle, mariachi, pop and swing - and she loves to play and teach them all!

Like most kids Maria started playing classical violin in her school orchestra.  After graduation, she continued playing the violin in various groups all around San Francisco.  After a long stint with a working mariachi band, Maria moved on to other styles including Western Swing fiddle. She is currently playing professionally with a Bluegrass band called Spinning Wheel and another band called Bonafide Americana.

Maria teaches students of various levels and backgrounds, from beginners to advanced students, in private or group lessons.  She covers the basics quickly and thoroughly. You will learn to read music and eventually be able to pick up a music book and just play.  How cool is that? Learning by ear can also be fun and very useful in your playing with other groups or attending jams.  You will also learn how to improvise which is really not a big deal once you get started.  Maria says, "One of the most important goals for me is to make learning fun and very enjoyable!" Call us today for more info on lessons with Maria.

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