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Musical Instrument Rentals for Beginning Band Students

Not sure what to play? Choosing the perfect musical instrument for a beginner is a simple matter. The student just needs to (a) like the way the instrument looks, (b) like the way it feels and (c) like the way it sounds. It really is that easy!

Why Choose Gill's Music?

• Early Bird Special

   ...Free August w/ reservation

• Low Rental Prices

• 100% Rent-To-Own

• YAMAHA Instruments

• Easy Online Reservation

• Safe and Secure Auto Billing

Our rental process in three easy steps:

(a) Decide what instrument to play.

(b) Reserve your instrument online.

(c) Pickup the instrument at our store.

When you come in to get your instrument you will sign the rental contract and pay the start-up charges which include; a $20 cleaning fee, rental charges for the month and whatever supplies are required for your particular instrument. 

Minimum Rental Requirements:

Our instruments are reserved exclusively for local students attending local schools with matching local home addresses. We require that you have a valid California Drivers License, show your car registration & proof of auto insurance. All addresses must match. Since we do automatic billing you must leave your credit card on file with us at all times. We do not accept cash for rental payments.


Read What Local School Music Teachers Say About Us:

"Gill's Music consistently rents the highest quality band instruments to my students year after year."
Mark Morello - Music Teacher
Brentwood Union School District

"Gill's Music is always my first choice when sending students to rent their very first instrument."
Tammy Levi - Music Teacher
Oakley Union School District

"Owner Jeff Gill has the knowledge and expertise to help students get started on the right foot. As if that weren't enough, he's also one heck of a nice guy!"
Bill Rodrigues - Band Director
Oakley Union School District

School Rentals
If you are looking for a good place from which to rent a musical instrument for your child to use in school band then look no further; because according to most local music teachers Gill's Music is the best choice in East County for flute rentals, clarinet rentals, saxophone rentals, trumpet rentals and trombone rentals. Most of our instruments rent for $25.00/month but start as low as $18.00 per month for used instrument.

Teachers Love Us
Gill's Music carries newer musical instruments that are clean and operate smoothly. With our excellent instruments your child is sure to have a good musical experience in school. We are uniquely appreciated by the local music educators because at Gill's Music we offer our customers a true “Rent-To-Own” program on trouble-free, name-brand musical instruments such as: Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, Jupiter, Cannonball, Selmer, Antigua and Bach - just to name a few! And we offer these top band and orchestra instrument brands at very competitive rental prices.

Low Rates
Our rental rates start as low as $18.00 per month - with an average at $25.00 per month (excluding saxophones).  And unlike some other local music stores, Gill's Music does not require a deposit or multiple months rent in advance. We also feature a true rent-to-own rental program for our school instruments that is far-and-away the best in the area; because we provide you with great instruments at low prices. Renting a band instrument from Gill's Music is easy:

1) Pay a $20.00 advance fee to sterilize the instrument.
2) Pay a prorated amount of rent for the month (Free August w/ advance online reservation).
3) Purchase the school-required accessories for your particular instrument.

And by the way, our rental program is 100% rent-to-own.

Quality Instruments
         Our winning formula which has been established over the past 30+ years in business is simple:
         a) to provide your child with a good quality student instrument
         b) at an affordable price
         c) with an easy to manage rent-to-own rental agreement

Listen to What Your Teacher Says

Make an informed rental decision. Avoid the repair hassles and health problems associated with renting a bad quality or old instrument. Make your child proud to play music by renting a good quality student instrument from Gill's Music.  An instrument that is newer, healthier and may actually end up being cheaper for you in the long run.

Not Sure What Instrument To Play?
Since you are just beginning this wonderful adventure of music you may not yet know exactly which instrument you want to play.  That's OK.  It is wise to take some time and make a good decision.  The best advise we can give you is that you need to choose an instrument that you like.  It really is that simple.  You need to like the way it sounds, like the way it looks and like the way it feels.

Did you know that playing a musical instrument in your school band will increase your brain activity and help you in ALL of your classes at school?  It is a fact - music makes you smarter - provided you rent a good quality student instrument from Gill's Music! The rental instruments that we provide for school use are #1) easy to play, #2) they are clean and #3) they operate smoothly. In the woodwind family you have your choice between flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax or tenor saxophone. If brass is your "thang" (and you got the lung power) then you can choose between trumpet, trombone and baritone horn. We also rent violins of various sizes which allow us to properly fit each student musician.

And so, if you are looking for a musical instrument to rent and you live in Antioch, Brentwood, Byron, Discovery Bay, Knightsen or Oakley, then we can help you. Gill's Music rental services are limited to the following zipcodes: 94509.94531,94513,94514 & 94561.

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