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All About The Saxophone


The saxophone was invented around 1840 by Adolphe Sax and was first played in Paris, France; where it was intended to be used in the classical orchestra. The sound of a saxophone has been described as having the beauty of a violin with the strength of brass instruments and is perhaps the most versatile musical instrument ever created.

Saxophones are being played in nearly every style of music that exists in the world today - from classical to jazz, from reggae to rock, from blues to rhythm & blues. In school bands the saxophone plays harmonies and blends well with the other instruments, but in rock and jazz bands the saxophone stands out as a featured instrument with many solos and lead parts.

The saxophone is a relatively large and heavy instrument that must be held up with both hands to the player's right side. It is played by blowing air into and across a reeded mouthpiece. Saxophones are closely related to clarinets in that they have the same type of mouthpiece and they share many of the same fingerings. Most musicians feel that the saxophone rivals the human voice in it's expressive ability and therefore is one of the very best solo musical instruments.

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