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Private Piano Lessons by Piano Teachers who care!

Dave Holt - Piano Teacher

After high school, Dave Holt began setting his poetry to music and this led to his move to California to try and make it as a songwriter. He played with several music acts in the Bay Area, toured the east coast and Midwest, and wrote music for the theater. When he left “the road,” he continued teaching adult beginners in the city of Santa Rosa and was pianist for a club/hotel band in the area for ten years. 

Dave received his formal education in classical music at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in harmony, theory, piano performance, composition, choir, violin and other subjects. He began instructing young adults in harmony, theory and piano when he was nineteen. Currently he teaches adults and youth, beginners and non-beginners alike in piano and theory, and also beginning guitar. He and his wife Chappell have collaborated on composing, recording, and performance since the 1980s. Currently they perform in clubs, house concerts, and studio recordings of their original songs and have toured the West Coast several times.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick - Piano Teacher 

As a former member of the Music Teachers Association of California and as a holder of a B.A. Degree in Music, Miss Kathleen has the credentials to go along with her passion for teaching. She has a very calm and encouraging manner that many sensitive students appreciate and respond well to. 

For over 30 years Kathleen has had the joy of watching her students turn into beautiful pianists - a week at a time. The confidence in their smiles and their enjoyment of the lessons is a thrill to experience. As an encouragement and motivation for her students, Miss Kathleen offers a voluntary recital two different times per year.

Kyle Harper - Piano Teacher

My name is Kyle Rebecca Harper. I began my piano lessons at the age of seven in New Jersey. I studied under teachers who taught me the classics with the important theory. After moving to California with my parents at age 13 I continued my musical education with Paul Dorian (Vienna school of Music) of Los Gatos CA. Paul Dorian was a marvelous teacher and introduced to me a broad range of classical musicians and the differences in their styles. He would always tell me something about the composer’s life and some of their history. I learned there was a person behind the music I was playing. He would explain why some composers music was deep and dramatic and others playful and light. I enjoyed that part so much, I continue to share these stories with my students.

I began teaching piano in college. I teach all ages, beginner to advanced. Each student learns differently, it is my job to find that difference and expand on it. Theory and proper technique is just as important as playing the notes. I also believe in letting my students explore different genres of music. Their excitement is renewed when I introduce them to the turn of the twentieth century rags, boogies and jazz. It’s all new with exciting beats to discover.   I find my students also enjoy playing world music, as we explore different country’s music styles and sounds. My personal favorite is seeing their progress and the confidence that comes with the learning. 

Lin Hypes - Piano Teacher 

Hello! My name is Lin Hypes and I've been teaching piano for 44 years. I'm very patient, kind and I like to teach with humor so the lesson is fun. I studied to be a concert pianist from the age of 7 until I was 22 when I became a mom. I was doing piano competitions at that age and being a new mom, I looked at my goals and decided that if I continued on that path, someone else would be raising my children instead of me! So I permanently changed to teaching and I enjoyed it so much, I've never been sorry that I switched to teaching. 

My lessons are in half hour increments, once a week and the tuition is due the first week of the month for the entire month. If the student is absent for any reason, the tuition is forfeited. If the teacher (myself) is unable to teach the lesson, then the tuition will be applied to the next months lessons. I never get angry at my students and I love to joke with them. I look forward to meeting you and wish you happy music making!

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