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Dave Schroeder - Guitar Instructor

Dave Schroeder has been playing the guitar and helping others learn how to play the guitar since 1985. He himself studied with two of the best guitarists in the United States, Stu Pearse and Ron Eschete. Additionally, Dave attended music programs both at Northern Illinois University and California State University Long Beach. After college Dave played eight years with a Jazz Trio in the LA area, in addition to performing with several big name players.

Dave still occasionally plays with various jazz groups around the Bay Area but is primarily focusing on performing his solo act and offering private guitar instruction. Dave has been teaching for 30+ years now and still very much enjoys the challenge of teaching. Dave has been able to get many of his students into the top music colleges, USC, Berkeley Boston and Berkeley California, to name a few.  These students have worked Dave’s curriculum, and along with that hard work came scholarship money, averaging $10-$15 per year!  Hard work pay’s off, even for guitar students. Many of Dave's students have gone on to become professional guitarists, something he is proud of.  

Dave is one of the best guitar teachers we have ever seen. If you love life and music then you will absolutely love Dave! Call the store to check availability for this very popular guitar teacher.

Lynn Kilcourse - Guitar Teacher

Hi everybody! I am a working guitarist/vocalist currently playing in two different performing groups; a jazz/blues power trio and a classic rock band. I also LOVE teaching people how to play the guitar which I have done for over 21 years. Of course, advanced students are welcomed, but I especially enjoy helping intermediate and beginning students.

I have a background in formal music studies. I teach theory, improvisation, acoustic and electric guitar. I have taught all styles of music to all types of students of all ages. I enjoy teaching, and put the emphasis on teaching students the songs they want to know, and the theory behind those songs. The student therefore gets to play the music they want, but understand the hows and whys. I personally practice still, many hours a day, perform frequently, and am a disciplined player. I hope to get to know you and pass on my passion for playing the guitar.

Don Hays - Guitar Teacher

Rock / Blues / Country

Don Hays is in LOVE with music and has been playing the guitar ever since early childhood. He cut his teeth on Rock-n-Roll and Blues in the 60's; opening shows for many popular bands of the day including: Cold Blood, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother And The Holding Company, The Elvin Bishop Band and The Tubes - just to name a few!! As a busy professional musician Don is still performing all over California and the Bay Area.

If you want to have fun and REALLY want to learn how to play the Guitar like a pro then Don Hays is a great choice! He'll use his 15+ years of teaching experience to gently guide you through the process of learning how to play the guitar. Ultimately, his hope is that music will enrich your life as it has enriched his. Don charges $28 per lesson and is available on Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment.

Don Morrison - Guitar Instructor

It doesn't get any better than Don Morrison for guitar lessons - Expertise, experience and patience all rolled into one awesome instructor. Besides being a top-notch West-Coast guitarist Don is a super friendly guy with years of experience teaching people of all ages how to play the guitar. Much of Don's professional work has been playing solo jazz guitar for special events as well as leading his own bands on electric guitar and vocals. 

Don's primary goal for his guitar students is simply for them to have fun while they learn the fundamentals of guitar playing. Don says, "If you are between the ages of 7 to 97, you can learn how to play Rock, Metal, Blues, Classical, Jazz, Folk or whatever other style of music you like!" With a great teacher like Don and a little consistent effort anybody can learn to play the guitar.

Sean Smith - Guitar Teacher
Acoustic / Rock / Metal

With two decades of playing experience, Sean Smith has built a strong reputation for acoustic, rock, and metal guitar playing in the Bay Area. He believes each student is different and Sean works hard to provide a comfortable and customized experience for each and every student, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran. 

Sean believes guitar can be for everyone and uses his passion and extensive knowledge to create an environment for success. With a philosophy that nothing is out of reach, Sean is looking forward to helping you achieve your musical goals and building personal confidence along the way.

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