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Private Bass Lessons by the best Bass Teacher in the world!
Electric Bass * Upright Bass * Musical Theory * Reading

Jon Leonardy - Bass Teacher

Jon Leonardy has been living in the Bay Area since 1969 when he moved from Florida to California at the age of 18. He earned a B.A. in Music from California State University Hayward in 1976 as a performance major on String Bass. He has played a wide range of styles and still maintains an active role in the local music scene.

Since retiring after many years in the tele-communications industry, Jon is devoting his full attention to teaching beginners and intermediate students how to play both the Electric and Upright Bass. Music theory, ear training and reading notes, will also be included as well as the bass players role in the rhythm section and relationship to the percussionist. How best to fit with the drummer and stay "in the groove".

According to Jon, playing music is inspiring. "Whether you are playing solo or with a group of musicians... when everything clicks, it can be magical". John's goal is to help his students have that same wonderful experience with music that he has enjoyed over the years.

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