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All About The Baritone


Baritones are not flutes. Baritone info coming soon...
Modern flutes are made out of silver, nickel and sometimes even gold but flutes made out of wood are known to have existed for centuries in ancient civilizations all over the world - from Africa to Hawaii, from Europe to the Andes Mountains of South America. The natural (almost spiritual) tone produced by a flute soothes the human heart like no other musical instrument.

In 1847 German inventor Theobald Boehm designed the modern flute which is made of beautiful sparkling silver and other precious metals. Mr. Boehm's improvements included adding all the keys necessary to play our modern scales. The flute is played by holding it up high to the right side and blowing a controlled stream of air across and into the mouthpiece. After blowing out it is important to remember to breath back in deeply so that you do not get dizzy!

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