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Were you in a popular local band back in the day? 8) Please share your memories and pics here!

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Calling All Local Musicians To Share Memories!

Posted by on May 17, 2015 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (2)

So I have this dream of creating a place where our local musiic community can chronical the rich musical history of Eastern Contra Costa County. Sort of like a cross between Facebook and Wikipedia. I'm talking about the details of how our many local bands were formed, the original lineups, interesting personal stories, etc. - basically anything about these local bands and the local music scene as far back as we can remember.

Anything to do with local music is fair game... including local music venues, old Mr Webb, popular bar bands, school band trips, favorite music teachers, early rock and roll, home-grown metal bands, country, marching bands, jazz groups, local Christian groups, whatever! If you know anything please share your memories and your pictures. Following is just a partial list of only a few great subjects that come to my mind that we would love to hear about:

Keystone, The Great Highway, Sadus, The Potatoe Barge, The Ravens, The Pitt High Marching Band, Speed Of Sound, Flat Nasty, The Crifflers, Down And Away, Evans A Go Go, Carmen Dragon, Larry Murphy, Mr. Cross from PHS, Mr. White from AHS, Mr. Jones from Liberty, Gateway, Moondance, Baby Simans, Joeys Santa Fe Club, 2Extreme, Rosie Gaines w Prince, Curtis Ohlsen w Ray Charles and Buddy Rich, Bret Bloomfield w Starship, The Pittsburg Comunity Band, The PHD.s, etc., etc.

If you have any interesting stories or know any details about this incredibly rich and diverse local history, please share!

- Jeff Gill

PS  And remember... pictures are worth a thousand words!!